best protein shaker bottles 2017

Best Protein Shaker Bottles (Manual & Electric) Reviews 2017

Protein shakers are essential tools for every athlete the shaker makes it possible to quickly prepare energy drinks that supplies the body with the supplements that it needs. Like the amino acids, proteins, BCAAs and more. But if you need good results, then you should follow some criteria, the shaker must create a good mix, the powdered ingredients must not make lumps, it must be tightly closed so it does not leak while mixing, and it must be large enough for different Kinds of preparations.

Many shakers have these characteristics, however, to make it easier to choose, we picked the 5 best protein shakers for bodybuilders and athletes.

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The best protein Shaker Bottles in 2017

Product Image Product Name Rating Price
HTML tutorial PROMiXX: The Original Vortex Mixer (Electrical) Check Price
BlenderBottle SportMixer Tritan Grip Shaker Bottle Check Price
BlenderBottle ProStak System Check Price
Cyclone Cup Shaker, Black Check Price

The Promixx Vortex Mixer presents itself as the most popular protein shakers: indeed, with it, no need to mix manually since it is equipped with a small motor that does all the work! Thanks to this electric shaker and its X-shaped helix which, once in operation, it turns in the manner of a blender, it will give you a mixture without lumps: the mixture has never been so smooth and homogeneous as it will be in Promixx Vortex Mixer. The whole operation is always prepared in just seconds.

The Promixx Vortex Mixer is an amazing surprise when you take a little interest in him. The most surprising of all is probably its preparations: thanks to the whirlpool it creates with its motor, it mixes all the powdered food supplements that are poured into it efficiently and almost perfectly. 


Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like

  • Best-selling protein shaker in the market
  • No lumps and shake always smooth
  • Optimal design (watertight closures, quality materials)
  • Easy cleaning with detachable motor
  • Powerfull motor
  • Does not mix too big or too solid ingredients
  • Price above average
  • No markings on the shaker cup to indicate fill-levels

Our Opinion

The design of the shaker is also a success: it is easy to take it with you anywhere, not too heavy in spite of the engine, and it is designed to keep the smell and the flavor. If you would like to wash it after the use just pour some water and we spin!

It is important to note that despite the versatility displayed on the package, such as milkshake preparation, this shaker is not as effective as  blenders . With its plastic motor, you will face some difficulties mixing the ingredients that are too big or too solid. Finally, technology has a price and although it is a practical and efficient tool, it is still more expensive than manual shakers.


The Promixx Vortex Mixer is an original and modern electric protein shaker that does its job perfectly. Although its use is still limited and its price can bother some, it is perfectly designed and delivers a shake that is always nice to drink. And just for that, it deserves the interest.

The Blender Bottle Sportmixer is a protein shaker specially designed for athletes. From its double capacity (590ml or 820ml) to the design that includes a rubber band for a good grip (even when sweating), everything is made to guarantee optimal use, The bottle is used for  protein shakes or may be used simply as a simple bottle.

For perfect mixing and non-homogenous preparations, it has a patented stainless steel mixing ball that moves with shaking and is effective even with the thickest ingredients. The prepared drink is always liquid and very smooth. And in addition to its completely tight closing and seals, its bisphenol A-free plastic is both safe for health and does not retain odors.

Finally, for small practical details, it is perfectly possible to clean the shaker in the dishwasher, and it has a versatile Sport Loop ring, which makes it possible either to transport it easily or to fix it to your sports bag or your backpack to have it always with you.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like

  • Efficient mixing ball and no lumps
  • leak-free closures
  • Double capacity
  • Many colors
  • open/close mechanism seems a little unreliable
  • It requires about two minutes of shaking in multiple directions so you can get a smoother drink and make sure all the protein powder is mixed properly which is too much time.


Our Opinion

The Blender Bottle Sportmixer is a pleasant and functional protein shaker. Manufactured from high quality plastic, it knows how to create a good mix without any lumps. The mixing ball does the mix very well, and the cap is clipped firmly, to ensure that there will be no leaks if it is carried in your bag. 

The fact of being able to select your preferred capacity is also an advantage: the 820ml version makes it possible to make your ideal shakes and add anything you want like ice cubes for example.

It can also be noted that the design is modern and simple. In addition to being lightweight, this shaker also has beautiful curves, and it is additionally available in many different colors, enough to please both sportsmen and bodybuilders. 

The main disadvantage is that the fill-level markings on the darker models are almost impossible to be read the scale of ml, which makes its use much more complicated for sportsmen who have to mix their food supplements into powder to an exact amount of water.


The Blender Bottle Sportmixer is a convenient, well designed and effective protein shaker. Although it should be preferred in a clear, even transparent color to be sure to see the markings. The preparations that it delivers are always without lumps, and it never leaks. A shaker of protein in addition to good value for money which has everything to please the sportsmen.

The Blender Bottle ProStak is a protein shaker that takes multifunctionality and scalability to a whole new level to support the greatest number of athletes. Thanks to its Twist n 'Lock containers, it is indeed possible to increase the storage capacity of the container by adding one or more parts of different capacities specially created to carry its powder. 

Three parts are included with the shaker: one of 150ml, one of 100ml, and a box for seals.

To prepare shakes without lumps, it is obviously equipped with a creative BlenderBall, made of stainless steel, which moves in the bottle when it is shaken and which allows to mix all the ingredients, even the thickest ones. , it also offers a complete seal, without problems of leakage.

Finally, with a capacity of up to 650ml (can be increased to 1000ml) and a large opening for an easy filling, it is a shaker who knows the needs of athletes and bodybuilders. It also has a ring that allows it to be transported easily, and all items can be washed and cleaned easily and safely. Note that it is also designed without bisphenol A, to be sure not to harm the body.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like

  • Efficient mixing ball and no lumps
  • Expandable storage system
  • Hermetic, leak-free closures
  • Comes with many colors
  • Plastic lacks solidity
  • Users complaint of lid break

Our Opinion

Whether it's price or design, the Blender Bottle ProStak is a really interesting protein shaker. The system of combinable boxes, which can also be added to the container as stored at home, allows a very practical use. On the move, this system makes it easy to take with you all the ingredients you need to prepare your energy drinks, in pre or post-workout, especially that at delivery 3 different compartments are already included.

In addition, the stainless steel of the mixing ball makes it both effective and safe,  nothing leaks, . We also appreciate the effort of the brand to produce shakers in many different colors.

On the other hand, once again, the announced capacity is not the true capacity: for a preparation without lumps, it is better to avoid filling up to brim. The plastic used is BPA-free, it is not the strongest and it is better to avoid tightening the lid too hard.


The Blender Bottle ProStack is a protein shaker with a very good price and quality . Despite its small defects inherent in the products designed for the consumption of powdered food supplements, it stands out due to its good design, efficient mixing ball and especially its storable storage capacity. An ally for true athletes.

The Cyclone Cup is a special protein shaker that is different from all other protein shakers by its patented fixed mixer in the cyclone form: during the mixing movement, it doesn't create lumps for a drink more liquid and more creamy. It also can mix any supplements (pre or post-workout), and thanks to its airtight lid and its snap-on cap, the last thing to worry about is leakage.

In addition to the 600ml container, the shaker comes with a 180ml compartment screwed underneath that can be used to store its proteins, for example. Made of hard plastic without bisphenol A, the unit is both durable and easy to clean, whether under water or in a dishwasher. All the elements are detachable for more convenience.

Finally, after the use, it has the advantage of not retaining the odors of the different powders used, which makes it more pleasant. Note that although it uses the concept of "cyclone", it is a manual shaker, which has no battery or motors. 

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like

  • Cyclone mixing technology
  • No lumps and shake always smooth
  • Good design and capacity
  • Easy cleaning
  • The compartment at the bottom is watertight and extremely secure.
  • Lid that can leak if not sealed well.
  • Leaves lumps in the bottom.

Our Opinion

The Cyclone Cup is an interesting evolution of the basic protein shaker. Although it is always necessary to mix it manually, the internal fixed structure makes it possible to produce better preparations: the protein or the nutritional supplement for musculation mix very well and the shake obtained is quite liquid. It is therefore drunk in a pleasant way.

We also appreciate the small details in the design that make this shaker more attractive than others, and especially the detachable compartment at the base of the container which is a good idea, especially since its capacity is very correct. The fact that it can be washed in the dishwasher for deep cleaning is also a good thing.

 Most importantly, always make sure to put this lid back in place correctly: some users complain about leaks, and it would be a shame if everything falls into the bag before going to the sport!


The Cyclone Cup is an improved protein shaker. Thanks to its fixed internal mixer, it prepares shakes faster by effectively dissolving the food supplement. If it is necessary to always refix the lid to avoid leaks, it is a product that really helps, especially that it also has a compartment to store its whey protein or any other powder.

Shakers are essential for mixing your protein and all your other food supplements. They are simple, "intelligent" tools whether they are with or without separate compartments. If you want get real in bodybuilding, then a shaker bottle is an essential thing for you. But before this, you need to check out the best whey protein powders in 2017 

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