MusclePharm Combat Whey Protein Powder Review 2017 (Pros & Cons)

MusclePharm is a brand of American food supplements originating in Colorado.

The products of this brand are very popular, especially their gluten-free proteins bars Combat Crunch renowned for their tastes and textures.

This range is called "Combat" because MusclePharm targets and sponsors many MMA athletes. Their product target all the bodybuilders and athletes, and especially the women with their products of Fit Miss .

Here is the complete test of MusclePharm Combat Powder

Pros and Cons

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like

  • Very good price
  • Low in sugars and lipids
  • Low Sodium
  • 5 Sources of whey protein
  • Contains soy and lactose
  • Contains sucralose and potassium acesulfame
  • No digestive enzymes
  • Doesn't mix well.

Nutritional values ​​of Whey Combat 100%

A scoop (dose) brings:

  • 120 kcal
  • 25 grams of protein
  • 2 grams of carbohydrates (including 1 gram of fiber)
  • 1 gram of lipids

One dose also contains 85 mg of sodium (4% of the recommended daily intake), 10% of your daily calcium requirement and 2% of the iron RDA.

Its 5 sources of protein make it a very good product for those who expect more
than a single protein. To maximize muscle growth, MusclePharm has created a protein
based on several sources, so that it can feed muscles both instantly and also
over 8 hours!

This protein contains 5 different sources:

1- Whey isolate: Rapid absorption and pure source of protein 
2- Hydrolysed whey: Fastest absorption for instant release in amino 

3- Micellar casein: Rich in amino acids and slow diffusion over nearly 8 hours 
Known to be an anti-fat protein as it will help the body to use its own fat to burn calories. It digests more slowly. As lipids will be used first, this helps keep muscle mass intact.

4-Egg protein : Highly bioavailable and rich in BCAA .
A protein rich in BCAA and arginine, it contributes to the production of hormones and muscle strengthening. Since it is rich in leucine, it increases the synthesis of muscle proteins and allows the development of lean mass. It is the second source (in terms of content) of protein after whey.

5-Whey protein concentrate: close to a source of whole  whey protein food.
Protein supplement that increases muscle mass and physical performance.

List of ingredients

mp ingredients whey protein

The whey Combat 100% (milk chocolate flavor) contains as a first ingredient a blend of whey isolate and concentrated whey . The isolate is a more protein-rich form, while concentrated whey contains slightly more lipids and carbohydrates.

The third ingredient is cocoa powder followed by "natural and artificial" flavors, cellulose gum, guar, xanthan, sucralose (an artificial sweetener also known as Splenda), acesulfame Potassium, acesulfame-K for the intimate (artificial sweetener), and finally soya lecithin.

You will have noticed that this whey protein contains many different types of gums (thickening and gelling properties). This is not a bad thing in itself for guar gum and xanthan (a compound used in making gum). On the other hand, cellulose gum (or E466) can be a chemical derivative of a cellulose whose origin can be transgenic. The latter gum is considered potentially toxic.

Benefits and Effectiveness

Two things are quite surprising about this whey: the amount of gums it contains and its low price. But what marks the most is its lack of digestive enzyme.

This may seem strange, but most whey protein powders containing concentrated whey are accompanied by lactases (digestive enzymes).

You may ask yourself, why should whey protein powder contait lactase ?

The answer is that the lactase is a digestive enzyme that helps to digest any food that contains lactose (which is a compound that is found in all the dairy products) and some people may be allergic to lactose and have some difficulties getting through it, and here comes the lactase , it helps these people digest the lactose which is ,no doubt, in any whey protein powder.

Most whey isolates do not contain lactose and therefore do not need to be accompanied by digestive enzymes, but MusclePharm's 100% whey fight contains lactose but no enzyme, so if you have Lactose intolerance or even if you have a history of difficulty digesting certain brands of protein, you will probably have to avoid this whey.

Apart from these facts, this whey is rather interesting. There is a good distribution of macros and it is low in calories.

But, if you do not prefer to consume anything with soybeans (GMO), Artificial sweeteners or lactose, or if you do not like the fact that the label simply mentions "natural and artificial flavors" without being more specific , Forget that whey.

The selling price of the MusclePharm Whey protein

A small container of 2 lb returns to about 1.15 $ for 27 servings

If you prefer to save money, choose the big bag of whey with 10 lb . You will save about 3.8 $ for 73 servings, or 0,47 € per shaker.

To compare, Optimum Nutrition's whey gold standard costs more than 100$ for 10lb.

10lb bag (Most economical choice)


Despite the presence of soya lecithin, it is clear that this whey does not mix very well. To get a (almost) homogeneous mixture, you will need to shake it like a madman, and even after it should remain some lumps inside.


The tested taste (milk chocolate) is very pleasant despite the fact that one does not feel much the taste of milk. The taste is more like a classic chocolate (black).

If it mixes well with milk, it becomes fairly watery with water, which is a shame, as whey is usually taken with water for faster digestion and assimilation. Too bad for a whey that contains as many artificial ingredients.

Our Rating

We give the rating of 9/10 to this protein thanks to its multi sources of quality, its 
enrichment in amino acids and as well as its affordable price! 

If the presence of soy, lactose, artificial flavors and sweeteners, or if the annotation at the bottom of the label "Made in a facility that can also process eggs, nuts, sesames, peanuts, fish, crustaceans , Seafood and wheat products "disturbs you, or if you do not like to be told exactly what a product is composed of (non-detailed flavor lists) then the 100% whey At MusclePharm is surely not the best choice you can make.

On the one hand, the brand enjoys a very good reputation, MusclePharm Combat Powder seems to contain everything that is needed for muscle growth, strength intake. And the lack of info on the enzymes and the proportions of protein annoys me.

I would have liked more transparency on this information, and at the same time I find that the company is reliable, and that it is worth your trust.

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