Xtend BCAA review

Scivation Xtend BCAA Review – Best BCAA Powder In 2017 + 15% Off

In all sports halls, if you talk about recovery and BCAAs, there is a brand and a product that seems to come back constantly in discussions: Xtend BCAA from SciVation ,the best-selling BCAA powder Amazon.

If you're wondering if this product is as good as you want, I'll give you a list of its ingredients, its benefits and uses so you can make your own opinion. I will also briefly discuss SciVation.


SciVation appeared on the scene of the supplement industry in 2004 after fairly modest beginnings for its founder Mike McCandless. He had previously worked for GNC, and then opened his own supplements shop.

Finally, with an already existing base of loyal customers, he created Scivation and promoted it through his online store. Word of mouth on the quality of the product made it an immediate success and McCandless and his team continued this journey by offering very high quality supplements.

Between 2007 and 2012 Scivation has won multiple awards from top industry board for Xtend , such as Bodybuilding.com. Given their focus on researching and developing supplements that meet the highest standards, I think they are destined to gain more rewards in the future.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like

  • A brand of reputation, with multiple rewards. 
  • The electrolyte mixture is made of essential salts, without the addition of filling agents. 
  • Very good mixability and absorption properties
  • A little bit expensive , I recommend you grab any offers available
  • The Pineapple is not as good as the other flavors.

The Supplement

Scivation, Xtend BCAA is an Intra-Workout Drinking Powder, its effectiveness is best when it is taken immediately before or during your workouts . You can also use it as recovery fuel during your rest days.

The two main objectives of Xtend BCAAs, are to increase energy but also to increase protein synthesis when it is most needed. As an energy booster, it stands out because it doesn't contain any carbohydrates or sugar.

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Instead the product relies on a high dose of amino acids to provide you with everything you need.

I mentioned earlier that Scivation won many awards. Well, most of them were for Xtend, which won: The Glutamine Product of the Year: 2007 & 2008, Recovery Supplement of the Year: 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, And the Intra-Workout Supplement of the Year: 2011 & 2012.

All rewards are from Bodybuilding.com, which shows the quality and popularity of Xtend.

Ingredients of Xtend BCAA

  • 7g BCAAs at a ratio of 2: 1: 1 Leucine - Isoleucine -Valine: the ideal ratio to increase your muscle mass and improve your metabolic activity during the training.
  • 3.5 g Leucine - contributes to the anabolic / anti-catabolic reaction of the body so that the muscles are preserved and not destroyed to be transformed into energy.
  • 2.5g of Glutamine - retains muscle mass and improve protein synthesis.
  • 1g of Citrulline Malate - reduces lactic acid and muscle fatigue, increases endurance and improves nitric oxide production.
  • Charged with electrolytes to help you restore your body's electrolyte balance so that your body stays hydrated.
  • Vitamin B6 - helps reduce fatigue, increases energy and metabolism of proteins and glycogen as well as improving the efficiency of the immune system.
  • And it is free of sugar and carbohydrates!

The Electrolyte Mixture

The people at Scivation really show us the best here, with a mix that I think is optimal for any athlete from any discipline, whether it's bodybuilding or cycling, pro or amateur. The electrolyte mixture contains the following 3 essential salts:

Potassium Chloride 
is the first electrolyte present in the body's cells, stored in muscle fibers as well as glycogen. It plays a crucial role in the transport of glucose into muscle cells. It also helps to control the fluid balance and supports the conduction of nerve impulses.

Sodium Chloride (Do not miss this one)
And yes, the good old table salt that is part of our daily use! A great taste on chips, but more importantly, it is essential for you to get the most out of your BCAA workouts and supplements.

Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate
This is a citric acid salt produced by a complete neutralization of citric acid. It is commonly used in foods to regulate pH and works the same way in your body, to regulate acidity / alkalinity. This can help reduce the effects of acidosis (Lactic acid production) during intense exercise.

Scivation's Xtend formula has recently undergone changes to improve its taste and miscibility. There are now 16  flavors in 30 and 90 serving packs .

The best score goes to Watermelon, Green Apple and Lemon Green Lime with only 8.6 on a vote of more than 10,000 users; A little more work would be welcome on this point. However, if you are like me, taste comes second after effectiveness, and is not a real problem.

In terms of miscibility, SciVation has taken a step forward and really improved its product. Xtend mixes very well with the spoon, without any lumps .

 By dissolving completely in water, electrolytes and amino acids are easily absorbed by your body as it needs it, with minimal digestion time .


We recommend mixing a dose (13g) Xtend BCAAs from Scivation with 300 to 350ml of cold water. Consume around training preferably during training to support your physical exertion and performance. You can also take Xtend BCAAs from Scivation before / after your training or between meals according to your amino acid needs.


With such a reputation within the bodybuilding community, rewards from industry leaders and its scientifically recognized ingredients, Xtend is very close to the top of my list . Not only for its combined electrolytes , but also for the concentrations and recovery it makes for anyone who goes for intense workout, I recommend it to any athlete in any sport disciplines

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