bcaa for women

Best BCAA For Women – Complete Guide and Reviews

If you are on a low calorie diet, then you will lose energy in one form or another. This starts with the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, but can also result from the destruction of muscle tissue, this by the release of amino acids and their use for the production of energy (catabolism) if your calorie preserve is low.

This catabolism will result in less movement efficiency and lower energy consumption. As a result, you burn less calories during exercise and this may eventually lead to a lower protein synthesis rate.

Basically, this means you can not build as much muscle mass as desired and can even lose a small percentage at the same time!

bcaa for women

During and after bodybuilding training, your body automatically activates different messenger molecules that transmit information to specific cells in the DNA to help your muscles adapt to the training stimulus.

These processes are correlated with the type of training you are doing, including the intensity and duration of your session as well as your nutrition around the training.

The concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in the human body is relatively low compared to the muscle mass we have available. However, it appears that after training in bodybuilding, this BCAA concentration increases significantly, activating the catabolism of muscle tissue in response to external stress / workout.

Thus, it is believed that, after a woman or anyone take BCAA, the concentration of amino acids naturally increases in the blood flow and does not affect muscular post-workout catabolism to the same extent. This leads to the belief that BCAAs reduce catabolism as a result of training through these various mechanisms.

Best BCAA For Women

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Recommended BCAA Fow Women

How BCAA Affects Women Workout

The branched chain amino acids consist of three essential amino acids:

✓  Leucine; 
✓  Isoleucine; 
✓  The valine.

In combination, these AAE help modify protein signaling pathway around the body workouts, this two main means: increasing the amount of mTOR and reducing the amount of mRNA. Two messenger molecules that respectively synthesize or break down muscle tissue.

Note also that in particular leucine offers anabolic and anti-catabolic benefits and is also partially converted to HMB, which leads to increased prevention of muscle catabolism.

If the use of BCAA provides a building mechanism and muscle protection, you may actually be able to use these as an alternative to a complete protein source in order to achieve a similar effect. This helps reduce your intake of calories while maintaining your muscle mass and performance and increasing lipid oxidation!

Recent research shows that taking BCAA immediately prior to training in young women (aged 21-24) drastically reduces muscle pain / stiffness the day after a session.

In addition, there was evidence of increased protein uptake, blood sugar stabilization, and reduced insulin response of a meal in BCCA-supplemented women on low calorie diets.

And also, the use of BCAA reduces the effects of mental fatigue during a 30 km cross-country training session or race, by reducing the absorption of tryptophan by the brain .

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Now that the whole theory is established, what does all this mean to you?

Well, as we have seen, BCAAs are suitable for women, its main effects appear to be particularly felt during a low-calorie diet.

This is a time when it is essential to preserve your muscle mass and to improve protein synthesis. Here BCAA helps to oxidize more fat during exercise and to keep your muscle mass as well as possible.

BCAAs are also useful during periods of intensive training or more than 45 minutes, especially when mental fatigue can have a significant impact on performance, such as in a match or competition (or even a meeting team).

Although BCAAs are present in many sources of protein, the concentration varies considerably depending on the supplement you use.

Therefore, it is recommended to take BCAA to maintain optimal blood levels and promote lean mass gain and fat loss when you follow a low calorie diet.

Using BCAA immediately before or during training has a positive effect on your exercise effectiveness and metabolism. This, coupled with additional BCAA taken daily seems to give the best results in protein synthesis and bodybuilding.

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