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The REAL difference between Whey Protein, Creatine and BCAA

Many necessary supplements in the market? . Some are in any case much more useful than others to gain muscle. Indeed, there are many supplements that give you real effectiveness while others do not.And in this topic , I will demonstrate  a list of the supplements you should consider worthy of your money to give you a little help in your workout.

Here are the list of the supplements we are about to discuss :




Mass Gainers

Whey Protein

An athlete, who wants to make muscle mass, necessarily needs a larger amount of protein than a person who does not practice any sport. It is therefore necessary to consume a larger quantity via food such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. But, it is also possible to make use of a food supplement like whey to meet your needs. because whey is considered a concentrated protein which can be absorbed quickly by the body and gain the muscle mass faster.

Obviously, there are other proteins ! But, whey protein has the advantage of being assimilated quickly by the body. This places it at the top of the supplements for your snack right after workout. Thanks to it, you will refuel the amino acid at the moment your body really wants it.Taking Whey can help you better recover and therefore make muscles more effectively.

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The Creatine is a supplement that makes a lot of attention, particularly because it has been unfairly linked to doping cases, by ignorant media. No, creatine is not a doping agent and is not forbidden. 

On the other hand, it is effective as a food supplement. It causes an increase in the amount of water inside the cells, which makes it possible to improve the absorption of the nutrients by these cells. In addition, this may cause a more swollen appearance in the muscles. But, that's not all, creatine helps increase the availability of ATP, the primary source energy in the human cell. In other words, thanks to creatine, You will be able to perform a few more workouts in the gym, which will therefore increase muscle mass . In addition, creatine will also increase but slightly the rate of certain hormones that can help in the growth of muscles.


The name BCAA designates three branched amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. Together they have an anabolic action and can therefore promote muscle mass gain. They can also act as fuel and prevent muscle catabolism. 

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The muscles are made up of proteins and each protein molecule is composed of amino acids. These acids are essential for muscle building and growth. Also, it is essential to consume BCAA during and after intensive workouts. They allow to preserve and restore the amino acid reserves necessary for the effort and the muscular construction. BCAAs can be used before, during or after training. However, you should know that their effect is depending on the time of intake. 

If you take BCAAs before, during and after the session, you should improve your performance and recovery. This can therefore improve muscle mass gain. 
Know that whey is already rich in BCAA, it is rather useless to take both at the same time.



Two of the three pillars of muscle building is training and therefore performance. To improve the muscle mass, it takes intense sessions and know to go to the limit . However, performing a workout with little motivation or feeling a slight tiredness can quickly reduce the workout performance. 

In this kind of case, caffeine has the advantage of giving a big boost and can even help improve your performance by reducing the painful sensations. So it's a great asset to make effective sessions. Be careful though not to take too much as it is a supplement that can be dangerous in high doses. I'm sure you know that😉

Mass Gainers

This kind of supplement is a mixture of protein and carbohydrates supposed to bring in extra calories. They have been designed for mass gain. However, the vast majority of these products are poorly formulated. They then contain ingredients of poor quality and that will not be useful to the body at the time of setting. They are not the best choice for most athletes. The better is a solid diet with carbohydrates whose GI is low and whose fats are useful.

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Nonetheless, some gainers are still worthy of interest for people who have the most difficulty in gaining weight because it requires them to eat a lot. In their case, they should choose a gainer formulated with carbohydrates whose Glycemic Index is reasonable and which does not contain too many additives.👌

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