when to take bcaa

When To Take BCAA ? – The Definitive Guide

You need to know when to take your BCAAs to maximize their effectiveness. You'll see, it's pretty simple, just follow our advice.

when to take bcaa

BCAAs are a flagship supplement and well known to many bodybuilders. However, few people know when and how to take BCAAs or what they are made of.
So let's take a look at the best time to take these amino acids. In order to know what is the best time to take BCAA, you should know how they work , and  the assimilation time.

BCAAs, or branched amino acids, are composed of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, three essential amino acids that have major roles in muscle building. 

They will play an anabolic and anti-catabolic role. During training, they will reduce catabolism, boost energy and improve recovery. So they're going to help you a with the muscle gain, and their effect will appear during intense workouts.
They are assimilated very quickly, about twenty minutes, so faster than whey protein.

When To Take BCAA ?

Here are the best times to take the BCAA depending on your activity and the time of day:

    • Pre-workout: before training , it is interesting to take 5 g of BCAA if you do not consume protein at this time, otherwise they will be more effective during the training. Same if you did not have a meal containing protein 1-2h  before.So take your BCAA 15-20 minutes before the start of the session.


    • Intra-workout: during your training , you can take 5 to 10 g of BCAA, to drink throughout the session. They are strongly oxidized by the muscles during training, so it is necessary to make sure to bring in to delay fatigue and counter catabolism, your muscles will thank you! Remember to finish drinking your drink 20 minutes before the end of your training.


    • post workout : with your protein shaker or meal, add 5 g of BCAA. They will help stop the catabolism associated with training and start the process of optimizing the digestion and the assimilation of protein. BCAAs act in interaction to boost the synthesis of proteins. All proteins contain BCAAs, both proteins derived from meat and whey protein. But in post-training, the effect of BCAA is important. So, ALWAYS add it, no matter what your protein source is.


    • For sport: if you practice a sport other than bodybuilding , you can still consume BCAA during the exercise to minimize any catabolism during the training if it is long or fairly intensive, especially if it is done on an empty stomach. So 5 to 10 g will be enough! In addition, this will increase your energy and recovery. You will be in better shape during the match or the race.


  • For a diet: BCAAs can be useful during your diet. Taking 3 to 5 g spread over the day will improve your fat loss and save your lean mass, but be aware that this effect remains minimal. If your meals are made up of complete protein sources, they may not be necessary.

Note: you do not have to accumulate all these catches: as long as you take 5-10 g around the session, you will have a positive impact. And no need to take more than 15 grams per day. You will not have more positive effects by increasing doses, they are not doping products ...

Who can take BCAA?

Can you take BCAAs if you are a beginner, a teenager, or have you just begun weight training and have not yet a nutritional plan? Should we take it if we do not want to build muscles? 

For BCAA, it is quite simple: almost everyone can benefit from these amino acids and anyone can take it.

The BCAA for beginners

Like all dietary supplements , it will not be used optimally if you are 100% beginner . Two reasons for this, which are the same as for all other dietary supplements:

First you have to learn how to train properly;

You also need to learn to eat properly;

If your diet is not correct, especially your nutrition before and after your weight training session, you will not be able to take advantage of the effects of BCAA optimally. 

You can still use it anyway, but it is a shame to spend money on dietary supplements that will not be the best. 

So when you are a beginner in bodybuilding, it is best to learn to train and eat properly before you start to supplements, including BCAA. 

Then, once these two elements are in focus, do not hesitate, BCAAs are an excellent supplement to recommend to all sportsmen,

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Are BCAAs useful for bulking?

In fact this question does not really make sense, because the lean mass gain obtained directly from BCAAs represents only a tiny percentage of the muscle mass that you can gain. So they will not turn you into Mr. Muscle. 

Moreover, legal food supplements do not differ overall according to the objective. Whether your goal is to gain too much mass or more simply to have an athletic physique, the supplements will be the same. Also, you can use them both in dry and in mass.

Man or woman, young or old?

Whether it is age or sex, there is no difference. The recommendations are the same as for beginners : just use them correctly.

In summary, it can be said that BCAAs are food supplements for all.
You now know how to best use your BCAA.

Note that here we spoke about BCAA, not Amino Acids in general. The use of a supplement containing all the amino acids will not be the same as what we have described here and the expected effects either.

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