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Whey vs Soy vs Egg vs Casein Protein , Which one is the best ?

Sometimes it may be more interesting to use other types of protein than to always take whey, depending on the goal you are aiming for: supplements are not all the same and they must be used wisely.

If you want to know how to choose whey protein , you should also know that in some cases whey is not the perfect solution. Although it is an excellent nutritional supplement, and the best source of powdered protein in all cases!

There are several kinds of protein powder. And even if whey is very fast in absorption and have a good amino acid, sometimes it may be more interesting to consume another protein source. In fact, the choice will depend on the timing and your goal when using a dietary supplement.

protein sources

Each source of proteins has its own characteristics in terms of composition or rate of digestion. Consequently, each type of powdered protein will have a different uses, for example: long-lasting intake for the night (like casein powder), rapid intake for post-workout (this is where the whey protein Will be the most used), average speed during snacks (so an egg protein, or a mixture of several sources of protein), ...

For example, in some cases it is BETTER to have a slower protein in absorption, or to have a lactose-free protein if you are allergic to lactose products, or that does not come from an animal source. If lactose is to be avoided, egg proteins or very pure hydrolyzed whey protein can be used, but if animal proteins are to be avoided, it is now the time to turn to vegetable proteins. 

Whey Protein is absorbed very quickly by your digestive system, and as such, it is perfect for nourishing your body after intense workout. It is a protein derived from milk.

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The maximum release of blood amino acids will take place within 20 to 30 minutes after absorption of the Whey and we will fully benefit from its anabolic capabilities. whey's maximum absorption rate will be 6 to 9 gr / hour.

Whey vs Casein Protein

Casein is slowly digested and is mainly consumed for its anti-catabolic effects. It makes it possible to spread the release of the amino acids in the blood for several hours. Thus, unlike whey protein, the casein protein is not digested very quickly.

Casein is perfect during the day in a snack or at bedtime before you sleep. You will thus have a constant supply of amino acids overnight and avoid catabolism.

Whey, for its part, is mostly used around training, or sometimes at breakfast, when there is a rapid need for protein. 

The difference between whey and casein Is therefore the speed of absorption and this is what makes it possible to choose what to take and when.

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Whey vs egg protein

Egg protein powders remain a very good product for bodybuilding, but currently, this is not the best choice for a protein powder

If you hesitate between whey or egg protein, you should know that Whey offers the  largest concentration of leucine and BCAA, it has a better biological value and it is faster in digestion...


The "Whey vs Egg" comparison

Biological value:

The egg protein comes from eggs that have a high biological value (100). The biological value of the proteins of eggs in powder is about 88 because it consists only of egg white. 

This was the highest supplement for many years (that of the whole egg serves as a standard, with a biological value of 100). It was the most popular by bodybuilders until 1990s. 

But after the 1990s, it has been replaced with whey because its biological value is sometimes over 110 and 130 Is therefore significantly higher. 

Taste and Dissolution:

Egg proteins are not always pleasant to drink, because even if the taste of the egg is not present, there is always a little unpleasant aftertaste. In the same way its dissolving which is not excellent. The egg protein is not good as a drink, producing lumps which are not really pleasant to drink and sometimes with a lot of foam.

It has improved over time, but it is sometimes difficult to mix. 


Since it is not so popular and less produced so it becomes more and more expensive, while other proteins powder has more reasonable prices. 


At the speed of digestion, the egg protein is halfway between whey and casein. It is therefore an intermediate protein to be consumed as a snack or in a mixture of powdered proteins. In post-workout, the whey will be more interesting.

Why take egg protein?

protein from egg

A disadvantage of whey proteins is that they contain lactose. People with lactose intolerance may experience digestive problems with whey. 

The egg protein thus has a big advantage over milk proteins: it does not contain lactose. People who are lactose intolerant may therefore prefer this protein. This avoids one of the disadvantages of milk-based proteins (digestive disorders, etc.).

In the end, choose egg or whey?

These two protein powders are beneficial in some respects, but it is clear that we will recommend whey if you are not lactose intolerant.

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Whey vs Soy Protein


When you eat protein, it decomposes into amino acids. There are 22 different amino acids, and when more than 100 amino acids are combined, we get a protein. 

Animal proteins, like whey proteins, are complete proteins because they contain the nine essential amino acids, while most vegetable proteins are incomplete proteins because they do not contain all of the nine Essential amino acids.

Soy protein

Soy protein is a soy-based vegetable protein. While most plant proteins are "incomplete" proteins, soy protein is considered by some to be a "complete" protein of comparable quality to many sources of animal origin. 

If you hesitate in whey and soy protein, be aware that soy protein is low in saturated fat, it has powerful antioxidant properties and plays a role in decreasing cholesterol and preventing heart disease. 

If you choose not to consume dairy and / or animal products, soy protein can be an alternative to Whey (and animal proteins).

You can consume soy protein whenever you want like any other protein source (Pre workout or Post, workout) 

Benefits of soy protein

  1. Soy protein does not contain lactose. This means that people who are lactose intolerant can drink it without fear of digestion problems.
  2. Soy protein powders are entirely of vegetable origin. Ideal for vegetarians / vegans who avoid the use of all animal products.
  3. Soy is one of the only plants that is a source of complete protein.
soy protein

Disadvantages of soy protein

  1. Soy proteins are pasteurized, causing them to lose much of their nutritional value. They also have protein inhibitors that prevent your body from being able to fully utilize its proteins.
  2. Soy contains phytates, which can inhibit mineral digestion and even the absorption of iodine. This can potentially result in loss of bone density, leading to weaker bones or decreased thyroid function, resulting in weight gain and decreased metabolism.
  3. Soy contains isoflavones that have the potential to increase your estrogen levels. Excess estrogen in men or women can cause an increase in weight gain and increase other estrogen related problems. However, this has an influence only on large consumption over long periods.
  4. Much of the soybean is now exposed to toxins known as Hexanes or are genetically modified. These factors can be the source of a number of health complications, for lack of perspective to judge.
  5. Digestion slower than Whey (4 grams per hour)
  6. Of course you do not risk anything with low doses, everything is here is a matter of dosage.

Choosing whey or soy?

Soy and Whey proteins are two supplements that can be added to your diet. 
Soy is a smart choice only if you are a vegetarian, if you want to reduce your intake of animal / dairy products or if you are lactose intolerant , as it ensures that you will always get an essential protein intake. your body. 
Despite this, the whey is the winner in the debate that seeks to know which of whey or soy is more effective. The difference is not enormous, but it exists, especially in the notion of taste and mixing in the shake, as well as in the BCAA composition.

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